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A fantastic cleaning product which removes everything from hard mineral deposits and water stains on shower doors to stubborn stains on porcelain and ceramic.

Twelve years of research is behind Bring It Onís unique chemical combination which breaks the molecular bonds that keep tough stains attached to surfaces. Our formula combines a powerful oxygen bleach which tackles the outer layer of mineral build up while the mild jewellers grade abrasive and hard working detergents in a very low PH acid base, attack the rest of the stain. This combination easily tackles the toughest cleaning jobs.

Glass shower doors, ceramic tiles, toilets pans, porcelain basins, tapware, windows, oven doors, ceramic cooktops, windscreens, BBQís, glass fireplace doors, stainless steel, fibreglass, aluminium. It also removes soap scum, mould and mildew, rust, salt spray, grease ... and much more! Always test in an inconspicuous area. Abrasive may damage some surfaces.
Not recommended on marble, soft plastics, Plexiglas, acrylic tubs, car paint, brass, silver, tinted glass film and brushed/polished stainless steel.

Yes, Bring It On has no harmful caustic acids. The oxygen bleach in our formula is NOT the same as dangerous chlorine bleach and is used in many household cleaning products such as toilet bowl cleaners, laundry detergents, carpet cleaners and dishwashing detergents. The detergents in Bring It On are readily biodegradable according to the Australian Standard AS4351 part 2.

Material Safety Data Sheets are available on request.

Wet the area you are cleaning then put a small amount onto a non-scratch scouring pad and firmly scrub in a circular motion until stain or spots are gone. Work a small area at a time. Rinse with water until surface is clean and towel dry.

For extremely stubborn stains, leave on surface for 10-30 minutes to allow more time to break chemical bonds. Donít be afraid to put some elbow grease into it, if you are using a non-scratch scouring pad you wonít damage the glass. More than one treatment may be necessary in some cases. Note: donít forget to clean the other side of the glass too as water spots are often on both sides.

Please contact us if you arenít getting the results you expect, we are here to help.

After cleaning your surface with Bring It On Cleaner, apply Pro-Tect Shield Sealant every 4-6 weeks and you'll never need to scrub stubborn water spots again. (If you wipe or squeegee the glass after every shower you should only need to re-apply every 6-8 weeks or even longer depending on the water quality in your area.)

Pro-Tect Shield contains a special molecular formula. It fills pores and forms a durable high gloss silicone shield. Water sheets off the surface, and minerals don't build up! Pro-Tect Shield can be used on all of the same hard surfaces that Bring It On cleans so well.

Make sure the surface is clean and dry before applying Pro-Tect Shield. Simply spray on, dry completely with a clean terry cloth towel or micro-fibre cloth, then buff.

Itís so easy to use Bring It On, but if you want to save yourself time, or you think your glass is too badly stained, our glass restoration technician can come to your home and restore your glass shower doors, windows or balustrades just like new. We can also treat your glass with Pro-Tect Shield Sealant to make sure it stays stain free.

Once we get it clean, keeping it clean with Bring It On Cleaner & Pro-Tect Shield Sealant is really easy.

Residential and commercial service is available throughout Auckland. If you would like to become a Bring It On Glass Technician please contact us 0800 830994.

Thousands of people worldwide have found Bring It On Cleaner really works on tough water spots. If you arenít satisfied with how Bring It On Cleaner works for you, contact us and if we canít help you please return the product with proof of purchase for a full refund. Note - delivery costs are non-refundable.


Yes, itís exactly the same!! 30 Seconds were so impressed with our formula they have added Bring It On Water Spot Remover and Water Spot Shield to their indoor cleaning range. So look out for our Co-Branded 30 Seconds/Bring It On Cleaner Bottles in most hardware stores.


Use . It cleans and polishes your appliances effortlessly. Environmentally safe, alcohol & ammonia free, anti-static, non-streaking & film free, can be used on so many surfaces. Just spray on & polish with a micro-fibre cloth. NOTE: Do not use Bring It On Water Spot Remover on Stainless Steel Appliances or Splash-backs.


Use . It cleans and polishes your screens so easily. Environmentally safe, alcohol & ammonia free, anti-static, non-streaking & film free, can be used on so many surfaces. Just spray on & polish with a micro-fibre cloth. HINT: Itís also a fantastic cleaner for your eye-glasses.